What is Enosi?

Enosi is an open world mmorpg that connects a growing amount of competition oriented games through a portal.
Every game is individually playable with it’s own design, genre and mechanic. Enosi is an uninhabited planet that will be influenced by the culture, races and design of every connected game.
The player can choose a race and visit all the game worlds, regardless of the design of the game.
In addition, the player has the possibility to personalize his character through costumes and equipment or train his character in one of the games to improve his attributes and talents.


You can play totally different games with different genres with one and the same character. Just by walking through a portal.

As soon as you walk to the portal and select the world that you want to visit, the game content of this world will be loaded and the main menu of the selected game will open.

From there you have the possibility to play the game with your selected race. Your character will adapt to the mechanic. The only thing you have to do is to set your attributes and talents if you haven’t visited the game before.





Steadily growing

Steadily changing


Day and Night cycle

Environment is influenced by connected games

Character Customization

Different Races

Equipment and Skins

Character Attributes

Talents and Abilities


Allienate or befriend with NPC’s

Carry out quests and missions

Make a party or try to explore the depths of Enosi by yourself

Clear Dungeons and Raids

Create your own store to trade goods

Travel between the different games

Buy your own house

Build a guild hall with your guild members

Conquer territories with your guild members

Craft Items


Dungeon and Raid rankings

Player versus Player

Guild versus Guild

Cross-Game Tournament

Cross-Game Guild Tournament

Cross Platform





All games will have an offline and online mode

*The listed features are a future view of the world of Enosi. At the start there won’t be all the features, but we will add them as soon as they are finished and tested.