#3 Fabi’s Journey

Enosi - Fabi's thought


Welcome back!

As i wrote last week, I’m still completly focused on the singleplayer. But I was able to achieve some huge progress. I wrote the Level Editor, made some animations and the UI for single player mode is nearly finished. So pretty much everything is finished for the alpha which will start next week. (Subscription time was expanded for 1 week).


I will give the singleplayer ui the finishing touch, do some more animations and throw the first 2 spells into the game.


I had many approaches to make the level editor and decided to take a deeper look into Unity’s editor window and scriptable objects. It’s awesomely easy to write your own editor and safe it as an asset. If you want to create a database that can be accessed offline the scriptable object is an awesome alternative to common json/xml databases. The implementation into Unity is great and the .asset files are easy to access.


There were several problems with the Level selection UI. I made a scroll rect where the content that’s closest to the center will be snapped to the center. For some reason I can’t place the script on any object in the canvas (was hard to figur this out :D). Next week I’m going to show you how it looks like, now that I managed to solve all the problems.




Coletter #3 Animation,Singleplayer

Welcome to our weekly update!

Today we’ll show you our Guru’thulak with his animations as well as some
new animations for the main character. We are also working on the singleplayer menu and want to tell you about the current state.




Currently there are 3 different colors


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Parameterized start of the singleplayer is finished. We also managed to split variations from battle mode. Now we can go with more than one variation per round and increase the difficulty way more than before.

We’re currently working on the Level selection UI.


Next week

We hope to finish the singleplayer selection menu as well as some more animations for the Ikuni and the Guru’thalak.


Family and Friends alpha

Last but not least… Next week is the official start for the family and friends alpha!

If you want to join describe to the newsletter or follow and rt the pinned post of




#2 Fabi’s journey

Enosi - Fabi's thought

Hey there,

sorry for the silence. I had vacation and spent most of my time with my girlfriend. But I also had some time to fix some bugs and to resize the UI. You can watch the updated version as a short clip in my entry yesterday.

So this time I won’t give you that much information since my main focus was on the birthday of my girlfriend and our holidays.


This week I’ll focus on the single player mode to make it ready for the family and friends alpha next week. If you want to join the alpha, visit our Twitter page, retweet and like the pinned tweet and you are in!

With the alpha I want to see if the concept works and if everyone understands how the game works after playing the tutorial.

Features for the alpha:

  • Main Character ( Ikuni ) with 1 skin (casual skin)
    • 3x Attack animation
    • 1x Death animation
    • 1x Idle animation
    • 1x Idle battle animation
    • Attack and Hurt voice
  • Gulu’tharak (Soldier) – Enemy
    • 3x Attack animation
    • 1x Death animation
    • 1x Idle animation
    • 1x Idle battle animation
    • 3x Skins
  • Tutorial (Level 1 – 10)
  • Music
    • Fight
    • Round
    • Main Menu
  • Sounds
    • Right Letter/Color
    • Wrong Letter/Color
    • Win/Lose
    • 1x Attack and Hurt sound

Coletter #2 Trailer, Logo and Bugfix


Stability Update

The main focus was to fix some mayor bugs and I (alteast I think so) managed to eliminate most of them.


  • Sometimes it happened that 2 letters were in the same field
  • The game stopped when the Ikuni are fighting
  • The enemy didn’t attack properly

I also worked on the new Enosi Logo


The star background


And this awesome little alpha trailer!

Coletter #1 Materials, Battle, Animations and Music

The weekly update includes many different parts of the game.

We just finished the prototype of the single player and will soon introduce it. For this we changed lots of materials to make the battle arena look more natural. And to give you the right feeling during a fight we included the first audio files and animations of the main character.

Of course we are not completly finished yet and there are many things to do. But right now we are just happy to have the prototype ready to be tested and hope you will enjoy the first gameplay trailer as well as the alpha!

Yes you read it right… Alpha!

We will happily invite up to 100 players to join the alpha!
How to apply?

Like & Share/Retweet the giveaway post on our Facebook and/or Twitter page to enter. If you win we’ll contact you.


At the end we show you some development screenshots.




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