Welcome back!

As i wrote last week, I’m still completly focused on the singleplayer. But I was able to achieve some huge progress. I wrote the Level Editor, made some animations and the UI for single player mode is nearly finished. So pretty much everything is finished for the alpha which will start next week. (Subscription time was expanded for 1 week).


I will give the singleplayer ui the finishing touch, do some more animations and throw the first 2 spells into the game.


I had many approaches to make the level editor and decided to take a deeper look into Unity’s editor window and scriptable objects. It’s awesomely easy to write your own editor and safe it as an asset. If you want to create a database that can be accessed offline the scriptable object is an awesome alternative to common json/xml databases. The implementation into Unity is great and the .asset files are easy to access.


There were several problems with the Level selection UI. I made a scroll rect where the content that’s closest to the center will be snapped to the center. For some reason I can’t place the script on any object in the canvas (was hard to figur this out :D). Next week I’m going to show you how it looks like, now that I managed to solve all the problems.




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